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  • Category : Paysite
  • Sale (%) : 50.00 %
  • Last Updated : 07 Jul 2014


ExtremeMovieCash Partnership Programs are the easiest way to make money on the net today. Partnership Programs are programs designed to make webmasters lots of money. They include the webmaster as a 'partner' of another website. They become a partner when they sell the site and take 1/2 of the commission for doing so.

How they work: simply sign up for one or more of our membership accounts then post banners or Free Hosted Movie Galleries for each one on your adult site(s). Every membership sale made to one of OUR sites earns YOU 50% recurring commission. This means you take 50% from every membership sold - most users select ExtremeMoviePass for ($39.95) its ~ $20 for you !, month after month as long as that member STAYS a member. If you sell 100 memberships in January, then you have earned 50% of 100 sign-ups. If 100 more memberships are sold in February and 100 more memberships are sold in March (assuming no members cancel) then you will receive 50% of 300 membership sales on your March cheque! (Average length of membership renewal is 4 months.) Recurring commissions work on an exponential scale. The longer you sell our membership sites, the more money you will make!