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Bonk My Japanese


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  • Last Updated : 23 May 2014

Basement Dollars

BasementDollars is created by webmasters for the webmasters. We love the amateur and Gf niche very much as webmasters but always encountered Programs that love to screw over the members and webmasters. That's why we dediced to create BasementDollars to ensure that members will get daily updates and no cross sales mumbo jumbo, and most importantly, webmaster like you get paid for your hard work. We are still very much carrying the webmasters mentality and we guarantee you that working with us is like working with a fellow webbie. What you and I hate about other Programs that we've been promoting for years, we will avoid that sort of behavior like a plague. Basement Dollars will stay true with the current adult biz scenario and promise to share information and work together closely as fellow WEBMASTERS.